Before I entertain the first listen to the music of someone who categorizes himself as a Christian worship leader, as far as possible, I'm looking for traits like humility, sincerity, and honesty. In the time that I have come to know Adam, I know him to be a man who exhibits these traits, and more. He is one of the 'real' guys in a world that often seems to be increasingly artificial.
Grant Cyster, Writer, SA
Adam is a passionate, encouraging and trustworthy man who loves to serve others with his gifts. He's an amazing songwriter and worship leader and I highly recommend him for any worship leading opportunity.
Kevin Boese, Worship Leader & Songwriter, CAN

I came to know of Adam through his work as a songwriter on the song "Show Me The Way To Your Heart". I found the song through my work as a review and hearing it via contact with ION, a music company. I was reviewing their latest songs and heard this song. I was very encouraged and enjoyed the song immensely. I believe Adam has found a resonance with this song that reflects his passion for God that is shared with Christians everywhere. In my contact with Adam since then he has shown an encouraging spirit and positive heart. He has promise as a budding songwriter and has an authentic heart that is transparant in his writing and communications.
Kim Gentes, Worship Leader & Songwriter, USA

Adam is a very hard worker and a natural-born salesman! He's got a great ability to win people over through his natural outgoingness which is totally genuine and comes from a heart for people.
Chris Whitelock, General Manager, Vineyard Records, UK

During the time Adam worked for me I always found him to be good with people, have excellent product knowledge, and to meet or exceed any targets given. I value him so much I've been trying to get him to relocate from Canada to the UK to work for me again. Adam is one of a kind, and a valuable resource to any team.
Scott Fraser, Sound Engineer, UK